TRANSMISSION KIT TROFEO TRIUMPH 955 Daytona 955i 03-06. Pinion code: 7132 Teeth pinion number: R18 Crow code :8062 Crow teeth number: 042 Crow material: Steel Chain Code: 530-TRX106 Plates Binding tool included. The kits are normally supplied with the chain locking tool (not included in the kits for small-displacement vehicles or where no chain closure is required) and a 50 ml spray lubricant.

It is always advisable to replace the sprocket and crown in addition to the chain, even when the tooth profiles visually appear regular. Cinematography, regular winding, tooth-toothed roller coupling, must be in perfect harmony, to optimize transmission performance.

Otherwise the gear damages the chain, its regular joints, accelerating the process of degradation. It is therefore important to choose good quality gears with the same wear resistance of the chain.

KIT GP with chain D. The chain in the DID GP racing kit is the DID Exclusive Racing 520 ERV3, the result of years of engineering technology and development in the MotoGP World Championship.

The transmission gears of the DID GP racing kits consist of: professional Ergal 7075 T6 crown and steel pinion, both high hardness. Lightness, durability, smoothness make it a unique product for performance and quality standards.

Available in numerous end-of-turn variants. D chain is traditionally more sophisticated or of higher quality than the same D. D chains supplied to the first Japanese or European equipment. It is a safe, reliable, long-lasting quality reference, normally recommended by professionals, qualified reconditioners and specialized workshops.

These prestigious products are destined to the most demanding user, accustomed to long-distance travels. Thanks to the multi-year experience in transmission, this kit is a reference in the aftermarket. ECONOMIC KIT with OE chain.

The OGNIBENE OE OE professional kits offer an alternative with excellent value for the Utility with less annual travel and no special needs. All chains have a certificate attesting a breaking load equivalent to the best professional chains. KIT professional series Modified Reports ("RATIO"). We dedicate this product to demanding motorcyclists who want to change the final rapport of their motorcycle while maintaining the OEM quality standard that only DID can provide.

The KIT Professional range with modified end result is dedicated to the most popular sports bikes on the market and offers a lower ratio than the standard one. In recent years, requests for modification of the final broadcast by the Motorcyclists have increased considerably as they prefer a more readily responsive gas response to mixed-narrow paths by giving up a few km / h of unexploited speed if not in circuit. To ensure proper installation and for your own safety we ask that you consult your motorcycle manual and follow its instructions before proceeding with installation.

Look at the side label to make sure the kit is compatible with your motorbike. Improper selection or use may cause serious damage or accidents. Remove the old chain joint (for clip-type joints) or cut the chain using an appropriate tool. Install the new gears following your motorcycle manual. It is important to use the correct nuts, tightened to the required torque.

Do not use any tools other than those specified in your motorcycle manual. After properly assembling the new gears, connect both ends of the chain.

Use the Chain Closing Tools following the manual's instructions. For O-rings /X-rings chains, make sure you slide the O-rings/X-rings onto each coupling pin.

The O-rings/X-rings must also be re-greased. The last clip to be attached must always be placed on the chain in the driving direction. To align the chain, follow the instructions of your motorcycle manual. The standard chain deflections is 20-25mm. For motocross vehicles, please consult your manual or a qualified mechanic.

Cleaning and lubrication : Applying external lubrication every 500km 300 miles9 WITH Ognibene Chain Lube (included in the kit) prevents surface rust and ensures maximum performance. Before lubricating, clean the chain with the Ognibene Chain Cleaner (not included) and dry thoroughly. Never use steam, abrasive sponges, or rarefied or volatile solvents such as diesel or benzene. Replacement timeframe: Scratches, rust, hardness, and missing O-rings/X-rings can cause the chain to break. If you encounter any of these situations, over stretching, or abnormal noise while the chain is in use, please replace the chain and gears at the same time. Battery fluid / anti-freeze materials: if the chain comes into contact with an acidic liquid (such as battery fluid) the chain must be replaced. If the chain comes into contact with corrosive materials (such a rock salt), wipe it with Ognibene Chain Cleaner. Check the wear and alignment of the chain as well as the gear alignment when changing the gears themselves. A damaged chain system can cause extreme gear wear and reduce its lifespan.

Ognibene performs numerous quality checks and warrants its products against material and manufacturing defects. Ognibene cannot be help responsible for: normal wear and tear, improper installation, poor maintenance, any alteration to the motorcycle, or for racing use.

Replace the chain and gears when approaching the maximum allowable limit of wear or it they have damage that could affect driving safety. For questions regarding gear replacement contact a qualified mechanic or your dealer. The condition and quality of the entire chain system affect the performance and durability of the gears. Do not change the chain sixe and type or the number of teeth and gear size, the appropriate kit for racing purpose should be used. In the event that no communication is made within 3 days, we will proceed in accordance with the E-bay regulations in force at that time.

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56 paragraph 3 of Legislative Decree 206/2005, amended by Legislative Decree 21/2014, Speedmania may suspend reimbursement until receipt of goods. 56 paragraph 3 of Legislative Decree 206/2005, amended by Legislative Decree 21/2014. It is absolutely forbidden to apply SCOTCH on the original packaging, therefore we advise you to store everything in a second package or to wrap the product with a second packaging material in addition to the original one. In fact, for electrical details, any defects that occur immediately after installation can be caused by malfunctioning components of the vehicle that transmit high voltage discharges. Speedmania is a large and established reality in the motorcycle world.

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  • Brand: Trofeo
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 255461000
  • model vehicle: 955
  • vehicle brand: TRIUMPH
  • Vehicle displacement: Daytona 955i