DYNO-BOOST Fuel Tuner Triumph Daytona 955i T 595 EFI

DYNO-BOOST Fuel Tuner Triumph Daytona 955i T 595 EFI
DYNO-BOOST Fuel Tuner Triumph Daytona 955i T 595 EFI
DYNO-BOOST Fuel Tuner Triumph Daytona 955i T 595 EFI
DYNO-BOOST Fuel Tuner Triumph Daytona 955i T 595 EFI
DYNO-BOOST Fuel Tuner Triumph Daytona 955i T 595 EFI
DYNO-BOOST Fuel Tuner Triumph Daytona 955i T 595 EFI

DYNO-BOOST Fuel Tuner Triumph Daytona 955i T 595 EFI

Delivers 15% gain in horsepower and torque. 22% faster acceleration throughout the RPM range. 6 % fuel mileage improvement.

Higher top end speed (if no factory speed governor is in effect). Engine reliability, durability not affected. You can go back to default factory fuel programming by making the chip disabled (switch optional). Customized to your specific motor. To see heaps of real Customer reviews visit Magnum Tuning Factory Web Site.

Compatibility These Motorcycle specific chips are sorted into numerous categories according to the operating range and type of IAT / MAF / MAP and oxygen sensor. Dyno-Boost is available to all fuel injected bikes controlled by electronic engine management (ECU, ECM).

Should you still be uncertain which chip fits your application. Feel free to contact our Online Tech Support 7 days a week. Working Theory Unleash the maximum performance potential of your fuel injected bike and say goodbye to the sluggish factory programming with Dyno-Boost chip. This performance fuel controller tunes your engine with advanced fuel programming to harness your motorcycle's full power. With this fully adjustable piggyback, you will not only enjoy quicker acceleration but gain extra power and notable torque. This popular performance chip is intended to remap the lean factory fuel programming restrictions implemented due to multiple requirements which manufacturers have to comply with nowadays. The performance chip tricks the engine sensors' signals being read by the ECU, resulting in an adjustment to the fuel curve, which is what causes the increase in horsepower, to boost acceleration and throttle response throughout the RPM range. Feel the extra power when you romp on the throttle hard. This motorcycle performance piggyback wires inline with the signal wire of Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor can be a standalone probe or the part of the integrated Mass Air Flow MAF, MAP, TMAP, etc.

It also plugs into the oxygen sensor harness, on emission-controlled motorcycles. Dyno-Boost power chip is designed to maximize the power potential of your stock engine.

Blow those sluggish factory settings away with this Magnum performance chip. Even on souped-up bikes our performance chip adds serious horsepower to your daily- or race riding. Tech Training On new generation fuel injected engines you are not able to adjust the AFR in order to add more horsepower with re-jetting, like on carbureted models.

Dyno-Boost chip's primary intent is to make this adjustment to max out the engine power. Dyno-Boost performance chip neither affects engine reliability nor durability. This fuel tuner is designed to fool the ECU thinking the intake air much more cooler, then the ECU will send more fuel for a richer mix, besides on those engines, exhaust gas consistency is monitored by emissions-control system, through the exhaust oxygen sensor, the chip unlocks the restrictions developed by the Electronic Control Unit. These ECU chips are known to deliver unbridled horsepower to fuel injected motorcycles. Ramp up the performance potential of your motorcycle.

Some riders pay much attention to the exterior of their bike while others prefer getting more horsepower and efficiency from the engine. The owners in general pick the second option rather than the first one.

Magnum Tuning offers you an assortment of top-notch performance chips designed to optimize the engine, driveline, electronics, and other systems of the motorcycle. So if you are searching for stuff like that, the Dyno-Boost performance chip is the best option. Dyno-Boost ECU chip has been proven to be a great asset for boosting engine performance. It is unequivocally the upgrade your bike is starving for.

This fuel controller works in conjunction with your bike's engine management and does not affect engine reliability or durability. Worldwide popular Dyno-Boost performance Chip can even quickly be switched on the fly, removed or re-installed at any time.

Carbureted engines are not subject to being chipped hence nonexistent Electronic Engine Management referred to as ECU or ECM. On oxygen sensor models fitted with aftermarket exhaust or header, Check Engine Light (CEL, MIL, FI) is triggered until you wire up an oxygen sensor simulator in order to abolish ECU safe / limp mode. Signals fooled by Dyno-Boost will be restored to factory by the ECU, until CEL issue is resolved completely. If top end speed is limited by factory speed governor, RPM is restricted by rev limiter, or you are about to override the factory red line RPM limit, then check out our REV Limiter. Claims correlate to factory condition engine. Defects or extensive wear and tear of related parts or systems such as oxygen sensor, sparkplug, fuel filter, injectors, injection or ignition system can result in no or minimum effect. Please get the vehicle checked by a certified mechanic prior to installation to avoid undesired inefficiency. Authentic Dyno-Boost performance Chip had been invented, developed and furthermore it is only produced by Magnum Tuning. Similar products pictured or described identically on the net are counterfeits. Check the emission by-laws at your area in regards to street / use legality. Stainless chrome polished body cast with epoxy. Inline with Intake Air Temp Sensor. Plugged to Oxygen Sensor (if any) signal wire. Ignition key activated +/- 12V power feed. Do-It-Yourself - Basic Skill Required: identification of IAT and O2 sensors. Basic electronic contacting of wires and terminals Installation Please read instructions before installation. Setup takes 30 minutes for a proficient installer while do-it-yourselfers may conduct it in an hour.

You don't have to get your hands dirty installing the Dyno-Boost tuner. Setup and adjustment doesn't require special talent of installer. Our easy to follow, step-by-step instructions will guide you, how to install your performance chip in an hour or less, if you are lil electronically inclined. Our certified mechanics who are actively involved in racing and high performance tuning are eager to assist you. Locate the Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor, a standalone probe or part of the integrated Mass Air Flow (MAF, MAP, TMAP, TMAPS) sensor on the intake.

Cut its IAT signal wire and contact the purple wires to the two ends. If no polarity, connect with provided bullet connectors or solder wires in place. Find the oxygen sensor(s) in the exhaust.

Splice one blue cable to each O2 sensor's signal wire. Contact red hot wire of the red/black dual cable to the ignition feed + 12V, and ground the black wire to the engine frame or battery negative. On oxygen sensorless Motorcycles leave blue wires disconnected.

In case of one oxygen sensor use one blue wire only. If you solder the wires in place on O2 sensor harness, Hydrochloric acid is recommended due to plated threads.

When the module is not powered or screw is turned fully counterclockwise, the engine runs factory and cut wires show continuity. In this instance all signals are factory. When unit is not powered with +/- 12V DC chip transmits factory signals.

On O2 sensor models, if exhaust is modified with header or aftermarket pipe, and check engine light is triggered, an oxygen sensor simulator has to be wired up to rectify ECU safe / limp mode. Turn on the ignition key. Red status LED lights up. Crank the engine and wait until it reaches operating temperature.

Start the adjustment with quarter turns clockwise. After each turn test throttle response, power and acceleration on the fly. Conduct comparative on-the-fly tests like 0 up to 20 MPH, 10 up to 30 MPH or 2000 up to 4000 RPM, etc. Reset and restart: Dial 30 full turns on the screw counterclockwise - left. Turn the screw clockwise to enrich the mixture.

1 x Fuel Controller Module. 2 x Self Locking Nut. Detailed instructions included in the package. On the market for powersport and automotive performance parts, Magnum is widely acclaimed as a leader. For the Magnum performance part development team, it is crucial to have high quality standards, therefore we strongly believe in the importance of employing top notch technology to all of our reliable tuning upgrades and efficient fuel savers. Our devoted crew members of certified engineers, mechanics and technicians are actively involved in racing and high performance, and have worked tirelessly to earn their reputation. We cater to a huge array of vehicles, vessels and industrial applications. We stake our 23-year reputation for excellence on every upgrade we sell, a claim made possible only through extensive testing, stringent and rigorous assurance methods and thorough bench-testing. The item "DYNO-BOOST Fuel Tuner Triumph Daytona 955i T 595 EFI" is in sale since Sunday, January 17, 2016. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Motorcycle Parts\Other Motorcycle Parts". The seller is "magnum_tuning_inc" and is located in Florida. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Brand: DYNO
  • Manufacturer Part Number: DYBIKE-711
  • Part Brand: Magnum Tuning
  • Warranty coverage: 10-year factory defect warranty
  • Intended use: HP gain
  • Tech Support: full - 7 days a week
  • Horsepower gain: 15 %
  • Torque gain: 15%
  • Fuel efficiency improvement: average 6%
  • Programming: Adjustable
  • Design: Waterproof - not submersible
  • Sold by: The manufacturer
  • Installation - DIY: No special skill or tool required
  • Engine durability, reliability: Not affected
  • Made in: Europe
  • Quality: Each unit is tested and inspected individually

DYNO-BOOST Fuel Tuner Triumph Daytona 955i T 595 EFI